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The following case studies have been gathered to give you a better idea of the kind of projects we have previously worked on and the services we could offer you. 

Take a look through them and if anything catches your eye, then please get in contact so we can discuss further. 

Glen Ord Distillery Upgrade

This required the addition of 10 washbacks and 6 washstills, doubling the production capacity of the distillery. Our role in the project was to upgrade the Wonderware, Historian and Unity Software to the latest versions. As well as creating new SCADA screens, developing the PLC Code and supplying the newtork configurations. Once those stages were completed, we then moved on into the testing phase, firstly conducting in-house FAT testing, then proceeding to site where we carried out the likes of I/O checking, commissioning and lastly the training of operators to run the distillery. 

Arjo Wiggins - Marker Press Project

The project required us to design a URS for the operation of press roll solenoids, which were being changed from air to hydraulics. We then had the removal of IRT programme from the PLC consisting of 8 analogue modules and 16 I/O modules which were removed. The alter of the control wiring on the marker press was tackled last, ensuring that both drives were programmed off during non-running conditions. 

VEOLIA - Complete SCADA Upgrade

We provided the following services to VEOLIA while conducting their SCADA Upgrade:
- System Software
- Operator and enginerring stations for the control plant.
- All of the hardware needed.
We installed all of the new PC's, adding licences for all software. Also involved was the task of removing all redundant equipment from the plant, before fully testing the new system. 

Lifescan - Wonderware InTouch                 

This project was an upgrade to switch the SCADA package from Mitsibushi to Wonderware. Site wanted to add more devices to the SCADA system and MX32 was no longer available. First stage was to re-engineer the SCADA package in Wonderwares' InTouch programme using existing site infrastructure. Secondly, was to add ethernet cards to each node on serial comms, acheived using Mitsibushi cards for each PLC and a Mitsubishi OPC. 

 Macphies - Production Virtualisation

The Macphies project is one currently being undertaken by us, as it has a span of 5 years. It involves the upgrading of plant computers, that are currently running various controls system software. The main outcome needed is the overall virtualisation of the existing SCADA of all plant computers.